Bravo Adrien !

Bravo Adrien! What an accomplishment! After outclassing the U21 category during the Enduro World Series for two seasons running, Adrien Dailly has consolidated his top ranking by  by climbing onto the winners’ podium in the Elite category.

At the beginning of the season, the rider’s objective was clearly stated: compete as a member of the top 5 with the very best Enduro racers. Mission accomplished therefore, thrilling no end his mentor, another highly celebrated champion in this sport, Nicolas Vouilloz: 'We’ve worked together on Adrien’s preparation, I’ve tried to accompany him as best I can towards achieving his objectives. I know about the demands placed at such a high level; it’s the little details that make the difference, this is the experience I seek to share with him. Today, I’m extremely proud to see him triumph among the Elite competitors, he now stands as a leader in the sport.‘

Throughout the season, Adrien has demonstrated outstanding consistency in shaking up the world rankings during his rise: ‘I had decided to approach this initial season among the class of Elites without adding any pressure. I wanted to give myself the best chances by devoting 100% of my time this year to competitive racing, and this choice wound up paying off. Nico played a major influence, especially during training sessions; he also gave me lots of advice regarding the adjustments I made to my bike for this season. When learning from the best, improvement is practically guaranteed. “ Remember Adrien is only 21 years old and still has his sights set on many more victories.

At the end of a season that more than lived up to its billing, we are pleased to send him our warmest congratulations and express again our pride in having accompanied this great champion he has now become.  This collaboration also symbolizes our unfailing commitment to competitive mountain biking and adds another entry onto the prestigious list of champion athletes who have ridden with our banner.