The Overvolt range of electrically assisted bicycles, mountain bikes or Urban. A wide range to meet all practices.

The range bike for asphalt road, from leisure to competition, comfort, endurance or performance.


The range of bike for unpaved ride, from the valley to the high mountains, from leisure to competition.

The range of urban bike, for daily commutes, fast or slow, on roads or unpaved road.


Every detail counts ! The inspiration behind our integrated Bosch Carbon Overvolt model stems from the success enjoyed by the aluminum model. We knew that by reworking certain parts of the bike while improving its strengths, we would be able to propose an outstanding product.

Move easily and differently !

The new range of Overvolt Lifestyle, mid-season 2018-2019, is here with 3 different models. They have been built using Supreme 6 Aluminum Alloy, resulting in a light and rigid ride for all your journeys, whether its in town or in the country.


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