AIRCODE SL - The star of Team FDJ

The Aircode had a great first year, taking Thibaut Pinot to third place in the 2014 Tour de France. 


Aircode SL


The many months of development and numerous test sessions seemed to have paid off, and resulted in a race ready machine. However, the Lapierre engineers still felt some improvements could be made, and did not rest up!

For 2016 the Aircode has been reworked and improved to be even lighter! A saving of 90g on the frame and 20g on the fork. To achieve this our engineers optimized the carbon lay-up, reducing the number of layers in the seat tube and head tube. The same levels of stiffness, appreciated by FDJ riders have been retained, whilst reducing the weight.



- Kamm-tail down tube and seat tube (wing profile with truncated trailing edge)

         1/ Best-possible rigidity/weight/aerodynamics compromise
         2/ Best-possible crosswind performance (none of the turbulence created by a classic trailing edge)

- Slender head tube and semi-integrated stem

- Profiled fork

- Semi-integrated direct-mount front brake 

- Aerostorm-style integrated seat clamp

- Internal cable routing



- Incorporation of Power Box technology: oversized head tube, down tube, bottom bracket shell and chainstays (same lateral rigidity as the Xelius EFI) , and maximised carbon fibre length --> Optimum pedal-power transfer 

- Reworked carbon fibre assembly: various fibres used (Young modulus of 24 t, 30 t and 40 t) Better flex capacity of tubes and minimisation of breakage

- High-performance geometry identical to the Xelius EFI, with 1 additional large size (6 sizes in total), the only difference being increased fork offset (50 mm instead of the 43 mm on the Xelius EFI) for better handling


All the info about the new Aircode SL range available soon! 


Aircode SL