Chris Ward, across France on an Aircode

Crazy! That’s most peoples’ reaction to the challenge Chris Ward has set himself for this April.

 An unparalleled world record: crossing France from the northernmost point to the southernmost, covering 1500 kms on the road with 10,000 meters of height gain. But that’s not all, he’s aiming to complete this in under 50 hours!


Chris Ward


A British ex-pat, living in France, Chris Ward has set himself one last goal: use this world record attempt to raise awereness of cycstic fibrosis. You can support him by giving via this page.

The attempt takes place over the 13, 14 & 15th of April. Departing from Bray Dunes he’ll cross the finish line at Lamanère. A support team will follow him and he’ll record the attempt on video.



Chris has chosen a Lapierre Aircode SL 600 FDJ for this record attempt. The bike that notably took Thibaut Pinot to the third step of the podium in the Tour de France 2014. 

Chris Ward explains his choice : « I knew from the outset I’d need a bike adapted to help me succeed. The Lapierre Aircode SL 600 is stiff, light and has a perfect geometry for 50 heures in the saddle. I’ve ridden many different brands over the years, but it’s rare to find a bike with the stiffness needed to attain 1800 Watts sprinting, but also capable of riding Pyrenean roads without feeling too ‘twitchy’. »


Chris Ward Aircode Lapierre


Find his route at :

Check out Chris Ward’s video

Follow Chris’s preparation and news on his Facebook page.