Enduro de l’Escarène - Lapierre everywhere!

Our riders from Team Lapierre Gravity Republic were in the front of the scene this weekend on the Enduro of l’Escarène.


Nicolas Vouilloz l'Escarène

Nico Vouilloz, still on top!


In the Elite Men category, Nico Vouilloz confirmed his status by taking the win, confirming once again his consistency this season. After 4 stages and 25 minutes of race, he finished just ahead of his young teammate Adrien Dailly. Both riders shined on their Spicy, ahead of a bunch of top riders: Florian Nicolai, Julien Camellini, Dimitry Tordo, Alex Cure ... A good motivation, 2 weeks before the 3rd round of the Enduro World Series in Ireland.

As for women, same story. Our riders monopolized the podium with Rae Morrison on the top step and Chloe Gallean in 3rd place.


Check out the full results on 1001sentiers.fr