Enduro World Series #1 - Adrien Dailly wins, Nico Vouilloz took 6th place!

The first round of the Enduro World Series was eagerly awaited. 


Nico Vouilloz

Great results for our riders in Rotorua - EWS #1

Photo credits: Jérémie Reuiller


Most riders were racing for the first time in Rotorua and the event's profile was pretty frightening: 7 Specials in one day, 60km, 1900m D + and 7 hours on the bike ... A packed programme! Many questions were raised before that 1st round : with the defending champion off (Jared Graves), would Jérôme Clementz be the leader after an off-2014 season? Could Nico Vouilloz return to the top after a 2014 season cut short by injury? Could other riders appear at the top of the hierarchy?


From the first special, there was no doubt, this round is one of the most difficult of the season and many riders already went down to the ground. In the disorder: Damien Oton, Remi Absalon, Cedric Gracia, Yoann Barelli, Joe Barnes ... So many outsiders who crashed early in the race.

Our 2 riders, Nico Vouilloz and Adrien Dailly, were focused and finished their specials without serious incident. Getting into the flow right from the start, our ten times world champion stayed in the top5 / top10 of each special.

At the end of the day, he appeared on the 6th place. A great return to the front of the Enduro scene! Only 15 seconds off 2nd place, Nico can expect great things for the rest of the season. "I would have been better but a crash and a lack of power in the beginning cost me a better place. But really happy to be back in the rhythm! " said Nico.



Adrien Dailly


Adrien Dailly made his debut under LPs’ colors ... And what a debut! Following in the wake of Nico, Adrien was confident on the New Zealand ground and rode cleanly all day long.

In the end, he claimed victory in the category U21! If you look at the rankings a little more closely, we see that Adrian has even earned a spot near the top 20 with the Elites. Our rookie seems already comfortable with his Spicy Team. A good omen for the future!

Let’s watch the recap of the day in video:  



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