2016 Eurobike Award for Overvolt Carbon !

EUROBIKE 2016 – let’s go!

As happens every year, Lapierre will have a strong presence at Eurobike 2016 in order to reveal our latest new developments; believe us when we say you will not be disappointed! The principal new features for 2017 include:

- Special editions to mark the brand’s 70th anniversary, recognising a history punctuated by innovation that has helped world champions as well as everyday riders. 

- A comprehensive range of clothing and accessories that will enable you to match your outfits to your bike, and therefore ride in style. 

- Overvolt Carbon, a veritable gem among the technologies that are revolutionising the way we enjoy mountain biking. This major innovation has recently had the illustrious Eurobike Award bestowed upon it.

2016 Eurobike Award for Overvolt Carbon ! 

The Eurobike Award is a prestigious accolade and a key indicator of a brand’s capacity for innovation. From the 472 entries submitted, an expert panel selected Overvolt Carbon as one of the greatest innovations – in the e-bikes & pedelecs category – of 2016. 

It was therefore with great pride that Gilles Lapierre and Nicolas Vouilloz made their way to the award ceremony to receive this accolade, recognised by professionals and amateurs alike. Throughout the duration of the Eurobike trade fair, Overvolt Carbon will be on display within the award exhibition hall. 

Overvolt Carbon is inspired by our sporting heritage and benefits from all of the remarkable technology that has built the reputation of our mountain bikes for years. The result? A truly all-terrain bike, with natural steering and added power to go further, faster, stronger.
And as far as those who suggest e-bikes are a form of cheating are concerned, we would advise them to not knock it till they try it (Eurobike Demo Area / DA - 301).

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