FDJ Bigmat – 4 jours de Dunkerque

1st Stage – Pierrick Fédrigo is 3rd behind the sprinters Degenkolb and Napolitano and in front of Voeckler. He was in a little group which took a few seconds to the peloton.

2nd Stage – A pretty hard stage for the FDJ Team who managed to control the peloton and the blows edge. Finally, It’s a big group of 50 racers who had a final sprint to the finish line. As the 1st stage it’s John Degenkolb who was the faster. Nacer Bouhanni finish 4th and Pierrick Fédrigo is still at the 3rd place at the overall, 15 seconds behing the German.

3rd Stage – David Boucher doesn’t arrive to win a race since 2004, but on the Belgium Roads, FDJ-Bigmat racer succeeded to take times to the peloton on the good escape of the day. He’s 5th of this stage. Pierrick Fedrigo lost a place and he’s 4th at 1’41 of Jimmy Engoulvent is the new Leader.

4th Stage – Pierrick Fedrigo is not a fan of pavement, but he was not too bad at Mont Cassel: 6th of the stage and 5th at the overall.

5th Stage – Nacer Bouhanni take the 5th place of the last stage of “des 4 jours de Dunkerque”. Matteo Pelucchi win the stage, Pierrick Fédrigo is 6th at the overall and Jimmy Engoulvent win “4 jours de Dunkerque”.