French Enduro Series #1 - Team Lapierre Gravity Republic hits the bull's eye

After the 3rd round of the Enduro World Series in Ireland, new scenery for our riders this weekend. 


Vouilloz Raon l'etape

Photos credits : Paul Humbert / Vojo Mag


Nicolas Vouilloz, Chloe Gallean and Rae Morrison were in Raon l’Etape, in the Vosges mountains, for the first round of the French Enduro Series.

For the first time, the event had an e-bike category with a dedicated ranking. Nico Vouilloz took the opportunity to show that he is as comfortable riding on his Overvolt as his Spicy, since he won ahead of Olivier Giordanengo, winner of the Transvésubienne one week earlier, and Maxime Remy, 3rd.


Chloé Gallean Vojo mag

Photos credits : Paul Humbert / Vojo Mag


In the Women’s e-bike race, a top performance from Chloe Gallean, who also claimed victory on this 1st round! She took it ahead of 2 renowned pilots: Sabrina Jonnier and Nadine Sapin.


Rae Morrison Vojo MAg

Photos credits : Paul Humbert / Vojo Mag


Finally, Rae Morrison, who competed in the "classic" Enduro Format, took a very nice 2nd place behind Cécile Ravanel (who is currently leader of the Enduro World Series).