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Cycling moves fast. And so do we. Our race-honed aerodynamics, advanced carbon fibre construction and innovative new models are already taking significant victories – both in world competition and the international press. Our road models cover the whole range of needs and uses, from professional racing to touring tandems and everything in between. Whether you’re Time Trialing against the world’s best, slicing up sprints and climbs or simply having a blast on a sunny Sunday, there’s a Lapierre just waiting to boost your ride.


Lapierre was one of the first European companies to embrace mountain biking in the 80s, and quickly became the leader, in France. Mountain biking has not stood still since. While we’ve made bikes for World Cups and World Champions, our main aim is to make bikes for the regular rider, who heads out whether anyone’s watching or not.
Our bikes help with those little victories: cleaning a techy bit of singletrack or a tough climb; or simply the challenge of still fitting in the weekly ride around everything else. Lapierre mountain bikes are there to help you get maximum enjoyment.


The Lapierre Lifestyle range adapts to your way of life! Bikes for the city; for country paths; to go fast or take your time; alone or with friends and family; for adults and little ones. Commuting range with lively fast bikes for the city. Leisure range with versatile bikes for town and country and city range with comfortable and practical bikes for daily usage. 

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