GP des Fourmies - Bouhanni again!

Nacer Bouhanni is a fighter, we already knew that. After his first and unlucky Tour de France, on which he had to abandon, the FDJ sprinter just won 4 victories in 15 days!



Following his 3 victories on the Tour du Poitou Charentes, he claimed victory yesterday on the GP Fourmies, in front of a host of top-flight sprinters (Greipel, Shiner, Viviani, Hutarovich).

Finishing 3rd on Saturday at the Brussels Cycling Classics (behind Degenkolb, 2nd and ... Greipel, winner), Nacer has once again benefited from the amazing team work of the FDJ team. Mickaël Delage, as usual, assumed the role of leading him out in the last kilometer. Nacer Bouhanni then remained wedged behind the wheel of Greipel, passing him 100m before the finish to pick up his eighth bouquet of the season!


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