Loic Bruni is world champion!

What an amazing result! After a fantastic 2nd place on the World Cup circuit, Loic Bruni concluded his 2015 season in the best possible way.


Loic's triumph! 


Everyone agreed that this track in Vallnord was one of the most spectacular of the season. At the same time long, technical, and above all extremely steep. The rainfall in the days preceding the race did not help the riders by cutting up the track and creating ruts. On a one-day race, everything was possible: no standings to manage, no place to defend. The one and only desire to get this rainbow jersey.


Loris Vergier

Loris Vergier unlucky on these world champs ... 


At the end of the timed sessions, everything remained possible. It's Greg Minaar who set the fastest time, Loris Vergier showed that he was on fire by finishing 6th. Loic Bruni was not far behind, with the 11th time. But a good number of riders may not have ridden at 100%, preserving themselves for the final.

With an excellent time and on the hot seat for a big part of the afternoon, the British Michael Jones was impressive yesterday. When it was the turn of Loris to race, everything was possible. But from the first meters, he suffered from a technical incident, which strangely happened many times over the last 2 seasons to different riders: he broke his chain. Impossible for him to properly defend his chances. Cruel for Loris who had a real part to play on this track but no doubt that his incredible end of the season will give him a lot of confidence for next year.



While everyone was amazed at the time of Michael Jones, the triple world champion Greg Minnaar had an incredible run by taking the 1st place with more than 4 seconds. Everyone thought he would be hard to dislodge! His teammate Josh Bryceland did not do better and temporarily took the 2nd place.



Then it came to Loic Bruni. Carried by a big French crowd, our rider realized a simply perfect run: 1st at split 1, he increased his lead at the second split and crossed the finish line with more than 2 seconds ahead of Minnaar. The public went wild! Only Troy Brosnan and Aaron Gwin were still to go. but we felt that Bruni would be hard to beat. It's the case. The two riders were late at split 1, and the two of them crashed a little bit after. It’s done! Loic Bruni won his first title of world champion in Elite DH!

The emotion was huge in the finish area, the tribute to the Lapierre rider was unanimous. He earned it! He climbed onto the top step ahead of the 2 Santa Cruz riders: Greg Minnaar and Josh Bryceland.

Loic will therefore have the great honor to wear the rainbow jersey in 2016. We’re already looking forward to it!

In the meantime, you can review the entire race and Loic’s run below: