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We are back, Zipp Lapierre Collective

Lapierre is back in the game with a new enduro dream team

We have never been so far... “The Assassins stage”

May 1910. Two months before the start of the 8thedition of the Tour de France, Alphonse Steines drove his car to the foot of the Col du Tourmalet in the Pyrenees.

He was a journalist at L'Auto and was responsible for planning the route for the Tour de France. For quite some time, he’d had just one idea in mind: he wanted to find out if it was possible for the riders in the next edition to enter the Pyrenees for the first time. No one had ever dared to try this before.

Keep the essentials, eliminate the superfluous

Since its creation in 2013, our Xelius has never stopped evolving, becoming the flagship model of our road bike range. This is a bike capable of being champion of France several times in the sprint or winning mountain stages in the hands of the best riders. 

We have nourished ourselves on this DNA to design and improve this new version. While maintaining its iconic design, we have worked in the minutest detail so that it can better support riders on every demanding course.

New Xelius SL

Don't be fooled by appearances - small details make big differences. While maintaining its unique design and dynamic features, we've striven for excellence with our new Xelius SL carbon frame kit.

New Overvolt AMi Carbon Bosch

Every detail counts ! The inspiration behind our integrated Bosch Carbon Overvolt model stems from the success enjoyed by the aluminum model. We knew that by reworking certain parts of the bike while improving its strengths, we would be able to propose an outstanding product.

New Overvolt E-Lifestyle

Move easily and differently !

The new range of Overvolt Lifestyle, mid-season 2018-2019, is here with 3 different models. They have been built using Supreme 6 Aluminum Alloy, resulting in a light and rigid ride for all your journeys, whether its in town or in the country.

Overvolt AM i Bosch is available

The last bike of the Overvolt family is available. It's equipped with the last intagrated technologies.

If you’re shopping for an electric bike that resembles a mountain bike in every way, then the integrated Overvolt AM is the model for you. Its integrated, and thus invisible, battery provides you with the assistance needed to navigate anywhere. Its 150 mm of clearance both front and back, associated with the OST+ suspension, will ensure that you experience the true sensations of a mountain bike, with that little extra boost. This bike offers outstanding versatility and easily adapts to the its rider’s level of competence.

Discover it :

Nouvel Overvolt AMi Shimano

New Overvolt AMi Shimano

Behind the handlebar of the Overvolt Shimano AMi, pleasure is boundless. More than ever before, demanding and engaging paths will become your favourite playground. What was impossible, nearly, on a mountain bike becomes accessible with this electrically assisted all-terrain bike. Potent yet agile when ridden, the Overvolt Shimano AMi is waiting to be tamed! 

Renaud Lavillenie receives his new Lapierre XR

Already equipped with a Lapierre Xelius for the road and a 2014 XR for MTB, Renaud Lavillenie seized the opportunity to test the new generation XR during Roc d’Azur 2016.

A Women's Pro Team joins the Lapierre family

For the two upcoming seasons, the FDJ- Nouvelle-Aquitaine- Futuroscope Women's Cycling Team will fly the Lapierre flag !

KO win for the new XR !

For VTT Mag our XR held its own amongst the best ! With 100mm of suspension travel that combines an all carbon-made frame, our new model defeated two XC references : the Epic (Specialized) and the Fourstroke (BMC). We cannot but notice that the XR is a tough opponent. #CATCHMEIFYOUCAN #Lapierrebikes

EWS Portes du Mercantour : A fierce battle between two legends of mountain biking !

The Enduro des Portes du Mercantour came down to a fierce battle between two legends of mountain biking  – Sam Hill (Chain Reaction Cycles Paypal) and Nico Vouilloz (Lapierre Gravity Republic). In the U21 Men’s race Adrien Dailly (Lapierre Gravity Republic) won – meaning he and Sebastien Claquin (Rocky Mountain Urge bp) are now tied on points in the series rankings.