Nico Vouilloz wins the 1st round of the French Enduro Series !

On his home turf of Blausasc, Nicolas Vouilloz reigned victorious this weekend, winning the first round of the French Enduro Series 2015.

Nico Vouilloz

Nico Vouilloz


This first round took place under sunny skies with 36,5 km per day and 4 timed specials. 

In the first Special Nico finished first ahead of Dimitri Tordo & Florian Nicolaï, and then took 2nd place in Special 2 behind Florian Nicolaï. It was in the 3rd, more technical and tough special, that Nicolas Vouilloz made a leap ahead finishing 20 seconds ahead of Nicolaï.

Nicolaï, took the final Special, and thus finished 2nd place on the podium, 19 seconds behind Vouilloz. The 3rd step of the podium was filled by Alexandre Cure.

With this victory, Nicolas Vouilloz shows that he is back on form and motivated as he moves on to the next big date: Ireland on the 23 & 24th of May for the 2nd round of the Enduro World Series.

His young team mate, Adrien Dailly finished in 9th place.


Alongside this Enduro, was the first round of the  French e-bike trophy: Trophée VTT AE Enduro by Giant, in which our Overvolt Brigade took part. Laurent Solliet, Team Lapierre Gravity Republic coach, took third place on his Overvolt. Jean-Pierre Bruni & Claude Vergier finished in the 8th & 9th places, while the race was won by Olivier Giordanengo.