Team Lapierre International : World Cup XC #4 – La Bresse

The 4th round of the XC World Cup and 3rd round of XC Eliminator was taking place this week-end in La Bresse – France.
Alexis Vuillermoz was taking part in the XC Eliminator for the 1st time, on this new format of race, in the streets of La Bresse. He passes the first rounds with success but blocks in the semi-final. He still has the small final, where he manages to take 5th place.

On the U23 XC race, Jordan Sarrou and Thomas Lapeyrie were competing. On the most technical XC track of the year, according to the riders, Jordan finished 22nd and Thomas taking 42nd place.

On the XC Elite race, a huge crowd was there in the Vosges mountains to support and see the triumph of Julien Absalon, a few kilometers from his hometown. Hard race for our Lapierre riders; Alexis Vuillermoz got his rear derailleur shooted by another rider at the start, and could only use 2 gears during the race. He still pushed to the limits and was holding around 30th place during half of the race. But he finally had to stop at the technical assistance to try to make it work. That was finally impossible and he unfortunately had to quit the race. Pierre Geoffroy Plantet is 72nd.