Transvésubienne - 5th place for Maxime Folco

Known as the toughest race of the mountain bike season, the Transvésubienne is a dream for any MTB rider. 



The LP riders had big ambitions for the e-bike race, with 4 riders on the start line: Maxime Folco, Florian Golay, Kieran Page Vergier and Claude were ready for the fight.

Facing a mechanical issue, Florian Golay could not defend his chances and was forced to quit the race.


Maxime Folco

Photos credits: Greg Germain


Maxime Folco was in the battle for the podium with the future winner, Olivier Giordanengo and Mehdi Gabrillargues. Unfortunately, he had two punctures and saw the victory going away. He still managed to  keep the rhythm and finished in 5th place.

Kieran Page and Claude Vergier followed a little further, at 8th and 9th places.

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Podiium transvé

Photos credits: Greg Germain


On the 2nd round of the XC French Cup in Ussel, the unstoppable Jean-Paul Stephan held his rank by claiming another victory in the Master 3 category, taking at the same time the 22nd place in the Master’s overall.